Thou shalt stop any treatment that is not of clear benefit and regularly reassess the need for all treatments and tests

Always consider what drugs you can stop before considering those you can start.
At each consultation with a patient who is taking a drug, consider why they are doing so, and consider yourself responsible for its continuation unless there is another clinician with that responsibility. If the consultation is about something else and you do not have time to do this properly, ensure that it is done on another occasion soon. Do not assume that all is well or that someone else will do it. Patients often do not volunteer adverse effects and clinicians often ignore reminders.

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MedStopper - a deprescribing resource for healthcare professionals and patients
Rxisk - could you be on too many drugs

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Bohemian Polypharmacy - a parody of Queen's classic song Bohemian Rhapsody.

MedStopper - a parody of the Beatles song Day Tripper.